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  • Major donor fundraising

    By on 17 December 2018

    At Money Tree Fundraising, we’ve been tirelessly working with a variety of charities for many years, assisting...

    UK Fundraising
  • Charity Christmas cards

    By on 21 September 2017

    Charity Christmas cards are a popular source of fundraising income for many charities. Some charities sell...

    UK Fundraising
  • Chuggers

    By on 9 November 2016

    About chuggers and chugging A ‘chugger’ is defined as “a person who approaches passers-by in the...

    UK Fundraising
  • Fundraising Lotteries

    By on 19 April 2013

    Advice when planning fundraising lotteries There are a number of steps to consider should you be...

    UK Fundraising
  • Online Fundraising

    By on 4 April 2013

    Online Fundraising – Techniques in Making Your Online Prescence Stand Out Here is another tip for...

    UK Fundraising
  • Charity Web Agency

    By on 29 October 2012

    Tip for your website from a Charity Web Agency The world of charity website design and...

    UK Fundraising
  • Charity Website Design

    By on 8 October 2012

    There are several points to remember for charity website design A fundraising website should be clear...

    UK Fundraising
  • Insurance Brokers

    By on 15 August 2012

    Insurance Brokers Many people prefer to deal with an insurance broker for their general insurance needs...

    UK Fundraising
  • Cancer Fundraising

    By on 14 August 2012

    Cancer Fundraising | How can you help? Many people donate money to cancer organisations by means...

    UK Fundraising
  • Landlord Insurance

    By on 8 August 2012

    Landlord Insurance: An Essential Guide Many insurance companies also offer legal and professional help as well...

    UK Fundraising
  • Crowdfunding

    By on 30 July 2012

    What is Crowdfunding? Since the Internet has become incredibly popular for charitable fundraising, a new term...

    UK Fundraising
  • Fundraising Courses

    By on 5 July 2012

    Fundraising Courses – Why Should You Invest in Fundraising For Your Staff The demand of fundraising...

    UK Fundraising
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