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Fundraising Courses


Fundraising Courses – Fundraising is the bread-and-butter of nearly every charity in the UK. For this reason, charities must make sure that their staff are fully trained and aware of all the up-to-date ways charities can fundraise and continue to engage their supporters.

It is vital that fundraisers understand and can utilize the best practice and management techniques around. The part time post graduate courses at LSBU are designed for current practitioners and managers to enhance their skills whilst gaining a professionally accredited qualification. Students successfully completing our courses will be more effective, better fundraisers and able to achieve more for their charities.

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Fundraising Courses - Why Should You Invest in Fundraising For Your Staff

The demand of fundraising courses has grown significantly in the last few years which is why there are many certificate courses on fundraising available today.

How can a fundraising course benefit a charity? Before we discuss this we have look at which members of staff should undergo fundraising training. This will help you decide which person(s) to recruit for the course; typically people who are new to the sector or individuals who have been in the sector for many years need to refresh the fundraising knowledge. It helps if the individuals actually want to broaden their skills and knowledge. It is worth noting, that choosing the correct individual is important because many times charities invest in their staff by sending them on fund-raising courses and then shortly after individuals leave the charity.

After completing certain fund raising courses, an individual should know how to identify, cultivate and solicit prospective corporations, foundations and individuals. Furthermore, they should know how to apply the latest information technology to your fundraising program, along with knowing how to manage, plan and implement an annual fundraising program. Thirdly, the individual should know how to build workable relationship with volunteers and board members and how to use planned gifts to raise endowment funds. Finally, most fund raising courses teach participants about how legal and ethical issues affect the solicitation of funds.

To elaborate, the development sessions may include setting up a fundraising team, defining and establishing policies and guidelines, ways to raise money and find strategies for establishing relationships.

Fundraising courses focus on utilising various marketing and communication tools like advertising, social marketing, websites, etc. to sharpen individuals knowledge about what tools and avenues available that they may not have heard of before. It also helps the individual focus on media relations, awareness programs, partnerships, special events, etc. Management and research is also an essential part of fundraising courses.

Most fund-raising courses identify is the first step in a fundraising process. This module will help the charity broaden future prospects if they follow specific management techniques. Shortly after the program has been designed, comes the implementation where all the research and management techniques become effective. Planning the timeline of development and its final execution is something is taught on most fund raising courses, as without a proper development and implementation plan, the theory will not turn into practice.

Fundraising courses teach how to positively plan the developmental program that has little chance of failure when implemented. As previously mentioned fundraising is very much about developing a relationship and rapport. Fundraising programs will teach how to build effective long term relationship with the donor by means of examples, readings, personal experiences, etc. which will help in writing proposals. It will also teach the candidate regarding accountability, ethics and law.

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