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Charity Website Design

Charity Website Design


There are several points to remember for charity website design

A fundraising website should be clear and simple. Make sure to clearly show the reasons and objectives of your organisation. How you help and by donating, how the prospective donor’s money will help your cause.

Have the word ‘Donate Now’ call to action on every page of your website. Avoid using other terms. Be consistent. With just a click, the donor should be taken immediately to the donation page. There should be no steps in between as this can confuse the donor and will lose people.

Remember, your website is not about receiving donations. Your website should have other elements. It should include identifying the charity’s mission, vision and values. You might also want to put search box on the website so your supporters can easily find any information they are looking for before making a donation.

Sometimes, less is more. You do not have to have pages of content that are more relevant and if you have an event for charity that you are promoting then it is essential to have this on your homepage. We live in an instant gratification world and people are simply too busy to skim through a website to find what they are looking for.

The website should have a touch of authenticity. It is important that your website is believable and you run a well organised charity. Every page should contain your postal mail address and phone number. Avoid adding a PO box. This is something that adds credibility and professionalism. Show people that the charity is run by hardworking folk passionate about supporting your cause. Looking authentic and passionate is essential so that prospective donors will be proud to donate their money to you. Remember, for some, this is an important decision so you want to gain their trust.

Be sure to make your website full of passion. Most decisions are made through emotion. You might want to use compelling and inspiring images in your fundraising website. This will attract a lot of people. Add stories of other donors, add success stories. Position yourself on how you have help – be positive. This will inspire other people to give.

Finally, always split test. You need to know what images are working to convert the most donations and which words are working to convert the most donations. This way you will find out the best combination to generate the most donations.

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