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Charity Web Agency - Techniques in Making Your Fundraising Website Stand OutThis web agency are designers, web developers, UX specialists, digital marketers and strategists. And we’re experts in charity and non-profit fundraising, marketing and communications.

The agency is a digital agency, but they’re so much more than a digital agency. Their work brings organisations together and forces them to think clearly and strategically about fundraising. They like stories that give them context and allow them to think upwards and outwards.

They believe in personal, integrated, intelligent, data-driven, and people-driven fundraising. If this fits how you like to think about things at your charity, get in touch,they’re really nice.

To discuss your charity's requirements, please call 0845 094 8033 or visit for advice from a professional charity web agency.


Charity Website Agency Services

- Digital fundraising
- Digital marketing
- Digital communications
- Search engine optimisation
- Social media marketing
- Web design
- Web development
- Mobile web and app design
- Digital strategy
- Information architecture
- Content management system design & build
- Google Grant management
- Pay per click advertising management
- Search engine optimisation
- Conversion analysis and optimisation

Tip for your website from a Charity Web Agency

The world of charity website design and build has changed. It’s no longer good enough to think of your charity’s website as a nice to have, or to design, build and promote your website without evidence to back up your choices.

Most of all, when you consider a new charity website project, you must consider the target audience and key objectives. What’s the website going to achieve for your charity? Is it a fundraising site? Or one that educates supporters about your cause? Or one that provides a deeper engagement for existing donors to your charity?

They has over 14 years’ experience as a charity web agency, helping not for profit organisations increase donations, deliver fundraising websites, and implement cause-based marketing campaigns. Time and time again we see the main challenges for creating a website for one of our charity clients being a clear understanding of their target audience, and what they want the website to achieve for the organisation.
Segmenting your supporters is a good first step. It allows your charity to understand what your supporters want from your website, and even more broadly in the other areas where you engage with them, be it online or offline.

Taking stock of your charity’s overall long term strategy and linking it to the website’s goals is the counterpoint to what your supporters want, though the goals of your charity and your supporters will often share common ground.

Choosing the right emotional tone for the website, as well as a look and feel that matches your charity’s brand values is crucial, as is selecting a suitable technology from the raft of platforms that charities use today to deliver website experiences.

Then considering the overall supporter journey and how they interact with your charity online needs to be factored in. Do they come to the website via other channels, like email, search or social media – all important elements of a charity’s web engagement in today’s world.
The mixing all those elements up, along with a good dose of testing and learning from your charity’s supporter base, will help to ensure your new charity website stands a good chance of success.

And of course, feel free to talk to them, experts in digital for charities.

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