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Cancer Fundraising

Cancer Fundraising


Cancer Fundraising – Fundraising for cancer touches the hearts of all people, whether they have been personally involved or not.

These days there are many ways to raise money for cancer based charities. Staging events whereby the fundraiser can raise money by sponsorship are very popular. Also these events are sometimes staged by other organisations like the London Marathon where individual runners raise money for cancer charities by means of sponsorship from their family, friends and business colleagues.

These days people go to great lengths to raise money for cancer specific charities, like bike rides, climbing mountains such as Kilimanjaro or even Mount Everest, to arranging coffee mornings. Even the simplest of events can encourage people to raise money.

Fundraising for cancer covers a large range of charities from research to prevention, from counseling to nursing.

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Cancer Fundraising | How can you help?

Many people donate money to cancer organisations by means of a legacy, whether it is a donation left in the memory of a person close to you or even an engagement or wedding where the bride and groom request that any present should be donated to a cancer charity of their or your choice. Celebrating special birthdays and anniversaries are another means in raising money by donations.

Many people give money to cancer charities through every day events like sending greetings cards, especially during Christmas time.

Cancer fundraising shops are now in every high street. These are becoming more and more consumer friendly as these shops sell items donated by the public for very cheap prices; and the quality is very good these days… even designer brands!

Some cancer charities try to raise money by confronting the public in the street and try to explain why they should give money by mean of direct debit. Sometimes these charity workers appear to be aggressive and are known as 'Chuggers'. But they do in fact manage to raise money for the cancer charities.

Raising money for charities can be done in many other ways.  On line by having your own internet page, via the social media such as Twitter and Facebook and by texts or even Apps.

Raising money for cancer prevention can even be a tax break. If you are UK resident and pay UK tax, by claiming Gift Aid the charity can legally claim a further 25% of your donation through the Gift Aid procedure.

Fundraising for cancer has now become an important part of our lives. There are fundraising dinners, auctions, theatre visits, lunches, breakfasts, coffee mornings, fashion shows and of course the more activity events such as hiking, walking and swimming organised through schools, youth organisations and sports centers.

The whole structure of our society is embedded in our fundraising lives. Great improvements have been made especially for cancer research which is simply down the amount of money raised by the British public. Great improvements have been made also for cancer awareness. More and more lives are being saved and without the money which is being raised for cancer projects this would not happen.

Fundraising for cancer means we can fund research involved with breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, lymphatic cancer, ovarian cancer, brain tumors, bowel cancer and many other forms of this deadly disease.

In the UK every cancer fundraising charity must be registered and are given a special registration number. This can be checked by going on to the Charity Commission website.

As you can see, fundraising for cancer is an important aspect of British society and we should support all cancer charities as much as we can so that more and more advances can be made in this field. There is not one of us who hasn't been touched by a family member or friend suffering from this disease.

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