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Online Fundraising


Online Fundraising - Do It Smarter And Better

For the homepage of your fundraising website, it should be interesting, compelling and without fluff. It should note clearly what your charity actually does. Are you an animal shelter, are you researching medical advancement. Be clear who you are and what you do.

For those who see your website for the first time, it should tell them in an instant what your charity actually does. Give stories, pictures and let others see how you are helping. And make sure this is all above the fold.

You can also take this opportunity to ask for donations through the charity website. Make sure there is a clear call to action… a “donate” button in big and bold letters. Always be perfectly clear with your intentions.

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Online Fundraising - Techniques in Making Your Online Prescence Stand Out

Here is another tip for your charity website. Ask your supporters to write testimonials for you. How their donations are making a significant impact. You have to also provide a track record for the results and how the impact of their contribution has created a big change.
The donation page should be simple. It should not be something that lets them fill a lot of information. If possible, avoid creating navigations or links that may pull them away from this page of your charity website.Make your intentions clear and keep it short. When asking for donations from your charity website, you have to also avoid asking for information which you may not even need at all. The more information you ask for the more likely people give up, close the page and leave your website without donating. Let them also realise that performing a transaction with you is secure and safe. That will help them be at ease. Remember to boost your charity’s credibility by getting testimonials from other donors.

An important communication tool that you can use to increase your fundraising and awareness is by fully utilising your charity’s website. Your website  can inform the public offline and online about your aims, your mission and your success stories. Potential supporters and even current donors will visit your website and this is your way to engage with them in a simple yet effective manner. You can provide details to where the money went for your last project or you can share pictures of your last activity to encourage people to engage with your fundraising activities.

When building your charity’s website, it is important that you get it right from integration. It is much easier to think through all the elements and functionality you require for your website from the get-go rather than changing elements down the line.

How you position yourself on your website should sound and look like they are indeed coming from a professional organisation and not just the opinion of a sole individual. This build trust and credibility.

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