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  • "...Howard Lake who somehow manages to be everywhere and packs this website full of sector news. Great for keeping your finger on the pulse of UK fundraising." Andy Pearson, White Fuse Media 22 January 2018 
  • I have to say it. @ukfundraising is awesome. I retweet. But they create. Every day! @GordonJayFrost
  • @howardlake thanks Howard you were one of my inspiration people remember introducing my trustees to digital many years ago @pnashconnect, 6 February 2016
  • @howardlake Clever you are, friend. Appreciate your follow, Yoda does. Vast and knowledgeable, your site is. @FundraisingYoda, 23 July 2013
  • "Can you cover this story? Last time you covered us our website went berserk - in a good way!" Mark Cook, Moving Thinking, 4 October 2011
  • "Thanks so much for the previous coverage you ran for Sell Donate Trade - we had around 20 charities sign up with us on the strength of that coverage alone!" Amy Hatton, Sell Donate Trade, 17 July 2012
  • "Our article on your website caught Google's attention, and the Ad Grants team... have reached out to connect properly with us. Which could be a pretty awesome development for us. So thanks again for publishing it!" Matt Collins, Platypus Digital, 18 May 2018
  • 17yrs, you were my client at Amnesty then. You explained your plan, I understood not a word! Couldn't now do without you, brill. @StephenPidge
  • "For the past few years, we have used as an advertising outlet, to effectively reach and engage with senior staff and key decision makers from fundraising organisations. We value the multi-channel exposure UK Fundraising offers –  from online advertising to interactive fundraising camps. We trust UK Fundraising to carry our message to our target audience in the charity world." Petra Baum, Country Manager, SAXOPRINT, January 2017
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