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Five tweets for fundraisers for 24 January 2023

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Photo by Dominik Lange on Unsplash

A bold move to educate the world as to why charities are shackled (and shackle themselves) and could achieve far more, digital fundraising advice and resources in one thread, the cockroach returns and more.

Your latest update of a highly partial curation of useful tweets for fundraisers.


Getting Started with TikTok: An Introduction to Fundraising & Supporter Engagement

1. Uncharitable – the movie

Dan Pallotta has turned his 2010 book ‘Uncharitable‘ into a documentary, and it will be premiered in New York in March. It’s part of his global effort “to liberate the nonprofit sector’s true power”.

It will be available via streaming in May.

2. Golden thread of digital fundraising resources

Emily Casson has produced a very useful thread of resources to help fundraisers looking to start or expand their digital fundraising.

3. (Don’t) be my Valentine

The idea isn’t new but it is funny, and continues to delight fundraisers and some donors.

We featured the cockroach Valentine idea in 2015. If you like that, you might like Bristol Animal Rescue Centre’s equivalent turning animal poo into pounds. And we’ve got even more on offensive fundraising for Valentine’s to share.

A cockroach, by the way, featured in a prominent advert by Barnardo’s in 2003, but there was no humour involved, and it made a big impact.

4. When you have to ask

Asking is at the heart of fundraising. Many more people, of course, are currently having to learn how to ask – for themselves.

5. Testing ChatGPT

Some fundraisers were very quick off the mark to test the fundraising opportunities offered by OpenAI’s new ChatGPT. Here for the record is a test by Nick Scott at MSF, shared eight days after ChatGPT became available.

Explore the thread and you’ll see the prompt he used. ‘Prompt’ is going to be a big word this year for many fundraisers and fundraising conference organisers, and no doubt one that will also rapidly fade in usage – arguably because, like ‘digital’, it will be a given element of day to day work by many fundraisers.