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Top 10 UK charities and their Twitter follower numbers

Howard Lake | 21 September 2012 | Blogs

Angie Turner at The Children’s Trust has just explored how many Twitter followers the top UK charities (by fundraising income) have attracted.
I’m often asked how many followers is an appropriate number for a charity on Twitter, so here is a snapshot. The figures were correct as of 11.00 today and are rounded to the nearest one hundred.
The top 10 list is taken from The Guardian’s publication of NCVO’s Almanac figures for Britain’s top 1000 charities. She left out the Gavi Alliance, which is the largest UK charity, but as an international alliance of organisations is distinct from the others.
Cancer Research UK – 47,500
Save the Children Fund – 31,400
RNIB – 10,800
RNLI – 26,500
Macmillan Cancer Support – 35,600
Oxfam GB – 39,900
British Red Cross – 32,200
NSPCC – 25,800
RSPCA – 48,600
The Salvation Army – 5,700
Angie shared these figures because she was rightly proud of the 31,400 that The Children’s Trust (@childrens_trust) has attracted. The Trust is considerably smaller than these large charities.