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Five tweets for fundraisers on 2 October 2018

Five tweets for fundraisers on 2 October 2018

It’s October but we’ve got a message already amongst these tweets. Plus a gift to you – a tip on how to tear raffle tickets quickly and reliable. 

Welcome to our occasional round-up of five tweets that fundraisers should know about.


1. In a tearing hurry? This is just the ticket

How can you speed up the process of tearing raffle tickets – without risking ripping them up? Here’s the timesaving tip you need.


2. Right said thread

needn’t only be about short, concise messages. The thread (one person posting a series of related messages one after the other) can prove a valuable way of summarising information when done well. Consider it a micro-Powerpoint presentation.

Here’s a fine example based on six years’ experience of handling and judging applications to BBC Children in Need.


3. The Venn-erable read

We’ve probably shared Mark Phillips’ Venn diagram before but it conveys a valuable truth about fundraising that is good to be reminded of.


4. Christmas presents of mind

Financial journalist Martin Lewis has just encouraged his audience not to give in to the urge to give unnecessary Christmas presents. “Let’s ban unnecessary Christmas presents” he says, to applause from the audience.

He encourages us all to create a Christmas pre-NUP – “a Christmas No Unnecessary Presents” pact.

Even better, he adds, why not donate to charity instead?



5. #ILoveCharity

Does the public understand what charities do? Probably not. So SCVO has put together a short video introduction to explain all, as part of its #ILoveCharity campaign.


Main image: “blue bird embroidery” by in pastel is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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