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PayPal Generosity Network now available in the UK

Howard Lake | 21 September 2021 | News

Starting a fundraising campaign on the PayPal Generosity Network
Starting a fundraising campaign on the PayPal app.

PayPal is introducing peer-to-peer fundraising tools to its UK users in the form of the PayPal Generosity Network and the Generosity Network for Charity. Launched to US customers in November 2020 the crowdfunding facilities are available in the UK on the updated PayPal app, enabling community and charity fundraising.

The PayPal Generosity Network lets individuals create customised community fundraising campaigns for themselves or others in need. The Generosity Network for Charity extends this function to campaigns in support of registered charities.


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How to fundraise with the PayPal Generosity Network

PayPal app showing a community fundraising campaign
Fundraising for a community cause via the PayPal app

Customers can create a PayPal Generosity Network campaign for an individual or community initiative directly within the app. They can name their cause and set a target fundraising goal, provide a description and categorise the fundraiser, and add an image for their cause.

Once published, the campaign is ready to be shared among their friends, family and/or colleagues. The campaign is also published on the PayPal Generosity Network which PayPal claims means “millions can donate, view and share”.

Campaign categories on the PayPal Generosity Network
Campaign categories on the PayPal Generosity Network.

Each personal campaign can raise up to £20,000 over a 30-day period. Money donated is then deposited directly into the customer’s account with PayPal, allowing customers easily to distribute the funds to the intended cause – whether that is a local cause, a friend, or family member.

Generosity Network for Charity

PayPal app at a coffee table showing a birthday fundraising campaign
Fundraise to mark someone’s birthday

Customers in the UK wishing to raise funds for their favourite charity can do so via the Generosity Network for Charity, a new function of the Generosity Network.

Instead of the donated funds being sent to the customer’s PayPal account like it would with the Generosity Network, funds raised with Generosity Network for Charity will be donated to PayPal Giving Fund UK, a registered charity, which grants the funds to charity in accordance with PayPal Donation Delivery Policy

Two-way messaging in the PayPal app

The new PayPal app also introduces a private two-way messaging feature which will enable two users to communicate after they have conducted a peer-to-peer money transfer. This could be to acknowledge receipt, send a thank you message, confirm details of the transaction or more.

The new app, including the PayPal Generosity Network and other new features, is starting to roll out today.

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