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Alliance magazine launches fund to enable more voices to be heard on philanthropy

Melanie May | 3 April 2024 | News

an illustration of different coloured people to show diversity. By Geralt on Pixabay

To open up and broaden the conversation about philanthropy, Alliance magazine has launched the Alliance Inclusion Fund.

The goal of the fund is to help previously excluded voices to be heard by overcoming the financial and language barriers to participating. It will do this by supporting and incentivising contributions from front line or grassroots organisations and those who do not speak English or have it as a first language. 

The decision follows an EDI audit last year that highlighted that these were the two key barriers to achieving a broader conversation about philanthropy.


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The fund will pay writers directly for their articles and/or pay the organisations at which those writers are based in recognition of their time and expertise. It will also provide an option to submit articles in the writer’s own language with Alliance handling and paying for translation supported by supplying submission guidelines in local languages wherever possible.

The criteria are as follows:

To apply, there is a form to fill in on the Alliance site, where pitches or articles can also be uploaded.