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Free advertising campaigns for environmental causes

Melanie May | 22 November 2023 | News

Coral Restoration Foundation advertising on a digital screen on a Manchester street

Digital out of home media owner Ocean Outdoor has reopened its annual fund which offers free advertising campaigns to charities and nonprofits working to repair and restore the planet.

Under the Drops in the Ocean programme, Ocean donates 2% of the Group’s annual reported UK revenue to environmental charities in the form of advertising value across the company’s digital screen network in 16 cities.

Organisations and causes concerned with the preservation of habitats, land and the oceans; global warming; pollution; sustainability and the climate emergency are invited to apply to the Drops in The Ocean scheme to advertise their work, emergency campaigns or promote fundraising appeals.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

This year, six causes will be chosen as the Drops In the Ocean partners. Applicants have until January 25 2024 to apply.

Ocean UK marketing director Maire le Hur said:

“Every charity partner we have worked with demonstrates that whilst urgent action is underway, they require greater visibility to spread the word and attract wider public support.”

This year’s beneficiaries include the World Land Trust and Media Bounty, which created a dynamic swarm across Ocean screens using birds, bees and other animals to build support for its work, and the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF™) which has been using Ocean screens to promote awareness of its programmes to rebuild and safeguard critical marine habitats. 

CRF™ Director of Marketing and Communications Beth Vessels, said:

“Our coral reef restoration efforts at CRF™ have proven successful on a large scale, providing a glimmer of hope for preserving our planet’s disappearing biodiversity. We were thrilled to have been awarded a place in the Drops in the Ocean campaign; it’s an incredible opportunity to reach millions of people and inspire them to join us in taking the small actions that all add up to make a big impact.”