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Free trees on offer from TCV & OVO Energy

Free trees on offer from TCV & OVO Energy

TCV and OVO Energy are offering free trees to community groups to help them do their bit for the environment with applications open for the 2019/2020 I Dig Trees programme.

Anyone can apply for the free trees on behalf of community groups, schools, parklands, or any green space with public access providing they have the landowner’s permission and TCV and OVO Energy are also offering tree planting events for volunteers up and down the UK.

With the tree planting season starting this month, the I Dig Trees Project is now in its fifth year, and has 350,000 trees available for planting this season, which will take it to over one million trees distributed across the UK so far.




To get the trees, which are available in packs of 50, community groups need to register on the TCV site. The tree packs are predetermined with varieties that best suit a particular growing environment and all are recommended UK varieties. The packs on offer are: 

Pack 1. Parkland. 10 x English Oak, 10 x Common Alder, 10 x Beech (common), 10 x Silver Birch and 10 x Hornbeam

Pack 2. Large Garden. 10 x Downy Birch, 10 x Mountain Ash/Rowan, 10 x Sessile Oak, 10 x Wild Cherry, and 10 x Field Maple

Pack 3. Small Garden. 10 x Mountain Ash/Rowan, 10 x Bird Cherry, 10 x Hazel, 10 x Common Crab Apple and 10 x Grey Willow

Pack 4. Wildlife & Shrubs. 50 trees – a mix of Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Common Dogwood and Goat Willow (This pack contains some hedgerow varieties, but is not a pure hedgerow pack)

Orders are limited to a maximum of 19 packs – 950 trees – in total.


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