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Free advertising still on offer

Howard Lake | 23 June 2008 | News

There is still time for charities to avail of a free advertising campaign which is on offer from Ocean Advertising and JC Decaux in Ireland.

The advertising firm and the outdoor site owner have teamed up to offer five charities a one-off ad made by Ocean, to be carried on a prominent JC Decaux poster site in Dublin for one month. The campaigns will begin in July and run through to October.

So far, 50 charities have sent in submissions, and the creative team at Ocean have already been meeting some applicants to find out more about their needs and priorities. Applications are still welcome.


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Tim Hurles, Ocean’s creative director, said the idea came about when staff were discussing how to mark the agency’s fifth birthday.

‘‘Obviously, we talked about parties and outdoor events and I’m sure we will do something, but it seemed a bit vacuous,” said Hurles.

‘‘We wanted to do something to showcase our own creativity and, from there, we had the idea to offer this to a charity.”

The value of the package is around €10,000 per ad, with the media exposure valued at €3,000 and account management and creative development valued at around €7,000 per ad.

Hurles himself has worked for British charity Save the Children. ‘‘People talk about compassion fatigue, but I don’t think that’s a real issue,” he said.

‘‘I do think there’s a need for charities to get their message across in a new way, and without being patronising to the people you are trying to help.”