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Knorr video adverts to generate free donations to three charities

Howard Lake | 9 April 2018 | News

Viewers of Knorr online adverts will be able to choose one of the company’s charity partners to benefit from a corporate donation.

The Unilever food brand is working with video advertising platform Good-Loop to deliver video advertising in a way that also generates charitable donations from the company.

Viewers who watch a Knorr advert for 15 seconds are then ‘rewarded’ with the option to choose one of Knorr’s charitable causes to receive 50% of the ad money. The three charities are:


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They were chosen because they matched Knorr’s “wider commitment to make sustainable living commonplace”.
The rest of the advertising income is split between the publisher and Good-Loop as income. 

Four-week trial

The pilot will last four weeks in April, with Knorr Chicken Stock Pot’s and Beef Concentrated Stock adverts running across a range of UK-based online publishers.

The trial is an attempt to achieve improved levels of engagement and give consumers the opportunity to make a positive impact on society. 

Knorr video ad on a mobile phone
Knorr video ad on a mobile phone
Knorr video ad on a mobile phone

Unilever Foundry

Knorr’s partnership with Good-Loop is a product of the Unilever Foundry. This is a global platform for startups to collaborate with Unilever’s 400+ brands. It has been an entry point for innovative tech companies for more than four years, piloting more than 100 startups with Unilever brands and functions.

Philippa Atkinson, senior brand manager at Knorr UK & Ireland, said: “Our partnership with Good-Loop will enable us to test a new advertising format that empowers consumers to choose to watch our advertising in exchange for a charitable donation – something that has never been done before with a Unilever brand – and we’re looking forward to the results.”

The partnership, which requires viewers to opt-in to view the adverts, is designed to match Unilever’s minimum standards for online advertising of viewability, verification and value.

Amy Williams is the founder and CEO of Good-Loop. She said: “I’m really inspired by the idea that being good for the world can also make good business sense. Through working with Unilever Foundry, we’ve partnered with Knorr to deploy an adtech solution which can generate real social change and deliver better marketing ROI. It’s a win-win-win for the brand, for the people watching the ad, and for Knorr’s amazing charity partners.”

Good-Loop is currently crowdfunding to expand its services.