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How sharing can inspire donations for free

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Photo by Kevin Malik on Pexels.com.

Sharing might be caring, but when it is sharing fundraising messages via social media and other channels, it can also be giving for free.

You’ve seen social sharing buttons and links on fundraising platforms, blogs and news sites like UK Fundraising. Do they actually work? Do they bring tangible results?

JustGiving has tracked these functions since 2011 and has publicly shared them from time to time.Indeed, every JustGiving fundraising page has 15 sharing options, both to inspire and make it easy for people to share the page in a moment.


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JustGiving's social sharing popover in 2022.
JustGiving offers 15 ways to share a fundraising page (2022). Image: JustGiving

Who is sharing?

It’s 2023. Sharing posts has changed a lot since they were introduced. There’s been a long-term shift from social channels to personal messaging apps. Plenty of websites no longer bother with the string of colourful social channel logo boxes that indicate sharing buttons. The BBC for example no longer uses them. It seems that enough people now know how to share content from their browser or device’s functions, certainly on mobile.

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Nevertheless JustGiving reports that from 1 January 2022 to 25th December 2022:

And sharing is getting more popular. Either many of us have felt a greater need to share or, more likely, we are being asked better or perhaps more often to share a fundraising ask. Whatever the cause, JustGiving reports that 23% more people shared their fundraising pages in 2022 than 2021.

The value of a share

Brian Isaac shared (of course!) the results of social sharing on JustGiving in a blog post in March 2023.

The sharing of JustGiving fundraising pages generated some impressive results:

The quality of a share

JustGiving also learned which channels proved more popular for sharing and which were the most successful in terms of total money donated.

So, not all shares are equal, but you do need to offer the range of choices to benefit the most.

Not surprisingly JustGiving has encouraged its users to share their fundraising pages, and invite others to share them, in its fundraising tips and in its automated email journeys.

It also advises users to prioritise Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS (text) when inviting supporters to share pages.