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7-year-old raises £93,000+ for Haiti using Justgiving

Howard Lake | 25 January 2010 | Blogs

Charlie Simpson's JustGiving target and by how much it has been exceeded
Charlie Simpson’s JustGiving target – that escalated quickly!

Charlie Simpson's total on
Seven-year-old Charlie Simpson’s sponsored bike-ride for UNICEF UK’s Haiti appeal aimed to raise £500. It’s currently racing towards £100,000!
When I started this comment it was still in the £92,000 region, but a quick check back finds that has now jumped to £93,223. Reload the page and watch it grow.
The lesson here? First, this is unusual, that’s why it is making the news. Secondly, UNICEF UK didn’t need to do anything to get this going, beyond pay its Justgiving fees.
As I commented on LinkedIn and the UK Fundraising page on Facebook, “give your supporters the tools to fundraise, and watch them go!”
Go Charlie!



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