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MuslimGiving launches crowdfunding platform

Melanie May | 20 July 2022 | News

CrowdGiving by MuslimGiving

MuslimGiving has unveiled its latest product – a crowdfunding platform called CrowdGiving.

Launched on July’s Day of Arafat, it lets users raise funds for causes they care about, whether it’s for themselves, someone else, a community project or a business – as well as for charitable organisations.

CrowdGiving can be accessed through the MuslimGiving site. To get started, users choose their cause, name their crowdfunding cause, set their fundraising target, and add photos and video. They can then create a campaign link, add a description of their cause, and provide giving levels along with how donations will make a difference.


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MuslimGiving does not charge CrowdGiving users a platform fee with the only charge being the card processing fee, which is deducted from the donation. Funds are sent directly into the fundraiser’s bank account on a weekly basis.

Jilu Miah, Chief Executive Officer, MuslimGiving said:

“CrowdGiving is our newest service, opening doors for fundraisers who want to support a personal appeal or cause. It provides solutions to individuals and the community to raise money quickly and with zero platform fees.”