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One-to-one help for fundraisers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Howard Lake | 18 March 2020 | News

The joint challenges of fundraising amidst a pandemic and of working remotely, away from colleagues and resources, are going to seem daunting to many fundraisers. Fortunately plenty of fundraisers are offering to provide help and support where needed.
Here are some of the fundraisers and fundraising consultants who have offered to talk or offer coaching for free to fundraisers who need help as the novel coronavirus unfolds.

1. Fundraising Chat’s mentoring function becomes a peer support service


2. Nikki Bell 

Nikki Bell (‘Charity Nikki’) was one of the first to offer to help with free remote coaching or consultancy or “just to chat meetings”.


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3. Lucy Caldicott


4. Claire Warner

Fundraising consultant, coach and trainer Claire Warner is offering a coffee call and a virtual co-working day.
Begin sign on coffee mug on a table - photo: Unsplash

5. David Burgess

Arts fundraising consultant and trainer David Burgess is offering to talk or listen to arts fundraisers.


6. Matthew Sherrington

Consultant and coach Matthew Sherrington has dealt with major charity crises in the past and is available to talk.


7. Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

A free hour of consultancy support from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is available for arts organisations in the UK.
Don’t be put off by the March 17 date on the Eventbrite booking page: this is currently an ongoing offer.


8. The Cranfield Trust

The Cranfield Trust has been supporting charities for over 30 years and is well placed “to be able to help your charity during this unprecedented time… whether you need short-term, practical advice, or longer term on-going support”.

9. ChangeStar

Fundraising agency ChangeStar are already helping their clients with reviewing and planning their fundraising during the pandemic. But they are also making their advice available to other charities who might need it.
Director Richard Docwra asks that you enquire by email initially to set up a chat “then we can schedule these out rather than have several calls coming in at once!”

10. Tom DeFraine

Tom DeFraine is offering to talk through the plans of small charities looking to do more with digital.

11. Charity Fundraising Ltd

Suffolk-based Charity Fundraising Ltd have offered to some free funding advice or fundraising strategy consultation to the small charity members of the Small Charities Coalition.


Other sources of help