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Charity face masks for Christmas

Howard Lake | 25 November 2020 | News

UK Fundraising’s list in May of dozens of face masks that were being sold to raise funds for charities has been one of the most popular pages on the site this year. With Christmas coming up and more masks being produced, it’s time for another list of face masks for charity.

In May we listed nearly 50 different charity face masks and coverings that were being sold by or to benefit charities. Here are some of the new entrants available to buy now.

1. Paul Hodges Trust

Paul Hodges Trust facemasks


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The Paul Hodges Trust is a “tiny, targeted, high impact charity” working in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Sierra Leone, turning adversity into an opportunity to benefit the environment, some of the world’s poorest women and girls, and to protect the UK using the latest research in coronavirus protection. 

They are now selling African-made ethical face masks in vibrant local prints and premium mulberry silks, often from upcycled, ethical sources such as donated premium offcuts and local Ghanaian markets, to offset the potentially ruinous economic impacts of Covid.

The Trust’s Face Masks For Better Futures initiative fights against more devastating outcomes through mercantile economic stimulation while responding to a real community need for virus protection. The reusable products themselves campaign against single use plastics, and the risk posed to our environment through the proliferation of discarded disposable masks, on both sea and land.

Together with partner grassroots projects, the Trust has co-developed a luxury, quality, highly-resilient face mask that utilises the latest scientific research on the outstanding antiviral properties pure silk in protecting against Covid-19.

Facemask sold by Paul Hodges Trust
Charity founder Jenny Carlen explains: “I was just struck how Face Masks For Better Futures has multiple indisputable benefits. We are building so many positive impacts from a challenging situation. It really is a demonstration of how a small amount of well-targeted support can have huge impact, and launch a whole new initiative. We really are changing the world with each mask we sell in place of disposable environmental hazards.”

African print cotton masks cost from £7.50, with 100% mulberry silk masks from £22. For each mask you buy, three more will be donated to the African communities The Paul Hodges Trust works within.

2. BBC Children in Need

Pacamask sold in aid of Children in Need
Pacamask are selling Christmas-themed facemasks and making a donation of £1 per sale to Children in Need.
The masks are reusable and feature “fabric which kills 99% of bacteria for up to 50 washes”.

3. The Royal Collection Trust

Royal Collection Trust face mask
The Royal Collection Trust launched a range of face masks in October as part of its collection of Christmas gifts.
The 100% cotton face coverings are available in yellow, pink or blue and feature a print with a design inspired by the partridge eye or “oeil-de-perdrix” pattern.

The Trust is a charity that is responsible for the care and conservation of the Royal Collection.

Need proof that coverage on UK Fundraising generates sales and business? We were very pleased to hear from Emily at Paul Hodges Trust about the reaction our May coverage of their masks generated:

“Since Howard Lake of UK Fundraising featured The Paul Hodges Trust, spotlighting our cause educating and empowering women in Africa, we have had a steady interest in visits and sales from our online store ever since the article’s publication in May. Direct traffic, we suspect through this article, brought 84% of the Trust’s Etsy store visits that month.”