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Five tweets for fundraisers on 10 February 2020

Five tweets for fundraisers on 10 February 2020

Unintended consequences, participatory grantmaking, more bongs for your buck, where anthropology and fundraising meet, and tackling myths about giving to charities. They are all here in our latest round-up of five tweets for fundraisers.


1. Unintended consequences

CAF’s Rhodri Davies shares a 1999 paper which found that one kind of charity fundraising activity typically had high costs – for another organisation, the NHS.


2. Let’s do a crowdfunder!

Crowdfunding as government policy? Surely not. 

Plus, there are five bells and clappers involved in the ‘Big Ben’ chimes. So, perhaps the Prime Minister should have planned for a stretch target of 5 x £500,000 – £2.5 million.


3. Myth busting

Charities Aid Foundation tackles some common and even wilful misunderstandings of giving to charities.


4. Participatory grantmaking

Rose Longhurst shared a helpful list of participatory grantmakers in the form of a Twitter thread. This is now also available as a single-page thread via @Threadreaderapp.


5. Anthropology and fundraising

The anthropological concept of reciprocity includes gift-giving, and Mark Phillips has dug out part of a lecture on that subject that he thinks fundraisers should find interesting.



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