Five tweets for fundraisers on 3 June 2021

Two blue eggs in a nest - photo:

It’s warm outside at last but the top tweets keep coming. Here is our latest selection of some that educated us fundraisers, made us think, or simply entertained us.

1. RNLI and Friends

As excitement mounted (amongst some) at the imminent ‘Friends’ reunion, the RNLI were one of several charities who joined in the fun with their own water safety-themed thread on the series.

2. Giving – more or less?

It can be hard to work out whether the UK population is giving more to charities right now or less. We work through reports that offer both interpretations.

Here’s the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Daniel Fluskey on the top. Explore his full thread beyond this first post to see what he has to offer.

3. Exporting toxic fundraising?

If your country’s fundraising history has influenced the development of fundraising in other countries, how has that worked out? Being first to market doesn’t mean you’ve got it right, of course. What if some elements of fundraising have turned out to have toxic consequences? And are still having a toxic impact?

Here’s Community-Centric Fundraising’s arguments along these lines. Again, read through their full Twitter thread for the detail.

4. Never submit!

Paul de Gregorio at Rally reminds us that the default option for some web-based content can be dull and uninspiring.

Yes, we often call it the ‘submit’ button, but you don’t have to use the word ‘submit’ on your web page. Yes, ‘submit’ and ‘submission’ don’t have to imply servitude or inequality. Nevertheless, Paul has some more inspiring alternatives for you to consider.

5. Home and away

Choices, choices. Charity People ran a Twitter poll to find out who was now back working from their charity’s offices. OK, it’s not representative and it’s a tiny sample, but here it is if you are curious.