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World’s first bee influencer aims to raise funds to save her species

Melanie May | 5 November 2019 | News

The world’s first bee influencer has taken to Instagram to try and raise funds to help save her species.
The CGI bee is the brainchild of Fondation de France, which also created the Bee Fund to direct the money raised to bee preservation projects.
Known as B, the social media star first appeared in April on Instagram with the dream of becoming the most followed influencer there is and turning followers into money to help save bees from extinction.
B now has 147,000 followers, and is raising money through paid partnerships, all of which goes to the Bee Fund to finance three types of project: those that help agriculture become more pollinator-friendly, those that create bee-friendly habitats, and research into the impact of harmful substances on bees.
The first paid partnership to be announced is with Ricola.
The first project to receive funding has also been chosen, and will work to bring farmers and beekeepers together to find more sustainable farming practices and protect bees.
B is hoping to get to a million followers, and is looking for suggestions of other brands she might be able to work with.



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