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Over 7m in UK have donated to a Facebook Fundraiser

Melanie May | 23 March 2021 | News

Facebook fundraisers have raised over $5 billion in under five years - image and source: Facebook.com
$5 billion raised by Facebook Fundraisers so far. Image and statistic: Facebook.com

Over $5 billion dollars has been raised for non-profits and personal causes through fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram over the last five years, with more than 7m people in the UK giving to a Facebook Fundraiser since the feature’s launch here. 

According to Facebook, more than 85 million organisers and donors globally have made a difference with Fundraisers.

Since March 2020, Refuge’s National Domestic Abuse Helpline for example has seen a record increase in calls and contacts from women, their loved ones, and professionals in the sector. The increase in contacts peaked during the first lockdown in April, but remained high all year, increasing again during the November lockdown. Refuge has built a group of supporters on Facebook who take on fundraising challenges, which raise funds to help continue to provide their life saving and life changing services.


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Refuge’s Louise Firth commented:

“The impact of the pandemic on our fundraising could have been significant; however we pivoted into digital fundraising and Facebook was essential in our strategy to share stories of amazing survivors.  Refuge delivered four virtual challenges – from our 100 squats a day – to running a 100 miles in a month. We have used Facebook as an advertising space and have raised over £3 million to help us work towards our vision where domestic abuse and violence against women and girls is not tolerated.”

Facebook has also shared that in 2020, 67% of people who donated to fundraisers on its platforms in the UK were women.

Its top tips for a successful fundraiser are: