From tiger stickers to race day donations: fundraising app round up

Melanie May | 9 October 2019 | News

From the launch of Percent, which sees retailers donate a percentage of what their customers spend to charity, to a Viber tie-up with WWF, and a race day app from RaceNation, here’s a round up of recent fundraising app news.

Percent launches to help shoppers support good causes

Recently launched fundraising app Percent lets people raise money for causes they care about by shopping with its retail partners. Every time a Percent user spends with a Percent retailer, the retailer will donate a percentage of what they spent to the charity of the user’s choice. Retailers currently on the platform include deliveroo, itsu, and BrewDog.

Tearfund joins Thinking of You

Tearfund has become the eleventh international development charity to join social donation network Thinking of You. The app lets users to send a thoughtful message to someone and add an optional donation to charity, and also to create fundraising events and in memory campaigns, or just to donate to their favourite charity, whilst also keeping their mobile contacts up to date with a live fundraising feed. Tearfund joins over sixty charities now on Thinking of You.

UniTaskr offers student volunteers

UniTaskr, the app that helps students to earn while they learn, has launched an initiative to help UK charities benefit from its 5,000 strong taskforce. The campaign, called #Task4Aid, aims to encourage UniTaskr’s student workforce to volunteer for good causes. UniTaskr plans to use #Task4Aid to pre-authorise charities, enabling them to post volunteer tasks on the platform in the run up to Christmas. Charities will then be able to seek assistance free of charge in areas including social media, blogging, promotional work or just to make the most of an extra pair of helpful hands.
UniTaskr also aims to incorporate the campaign into the platform itself. Users will have the option to make a donation to a charity of their choice, which in turn will top up the charities’ UniTaskr account purse. Donations will be able to be withdrawn by the charities as and when they choose.
viber stickers

Viber app teams up with WWF

Global messaging app Viber has teamed up with WWF to raise awareness of tiger conservation. For 29 July, Global Tiger Day, Viber created tiger-themed stickers that users can send in their everyday conversations on the platform. As part of the campaign, the tiger-themed stickers also connect to a chatbot that invites users to contribute to a dedicated donation page and/or win digital prizes by completing a tiger-related quiz and inviting friends to do the same. Viber is matching the first $10k of donations by 18 December and to date, the stickers have seen 1.8m unique downloaders, 5.4m stickers messages generated by the downloaders, and 40% of the fundraising goal reached.
The bot also promotes the WWF community where users can find the latest news around WWF, and as part of the campaign, WWF launched special kids T-shirts with the stickers.
RaceNation app

RaceNation race day app

RaceNation has launched a race day app that not only allows races of any size to track participants on the course and send them live messages but also for participants and spectators to donate straight to charity pages through the RaceNation fundraising arm, Sports Giving. This new technology will be rolled out to RaceNation’s 1,400 events over the UK. The free app will come as standard to organisers using RaceNation services and will feature interactive course and event village maps, built through Google Maps with live tracking for spectators to view the progress of friends and family. It also has an in-built messaging service so people can send good luck messages or notify others of their position, with the messages playing through headphones. Event organisers can also manage the platform from their mobile.

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