Entire £100k Grow Your Tenner match pot allocated in 12 hours

Melanie May | 21 December 2018 | News

This year’s Grow Your Tenner campaign saw its £100,000 match fund pot allocated in 12 hours, with over £360,000 raised in total.
According to Localgiving, 1,643 people set up monthly donations to local groups during the campaign, supporting 324 local charities and community groups.
Grow Your Tenner 2018 differed from previous Localgiving campaign in focusing solely on encouraging people to set up monthly donations to local charities and community groups. Localgiving’s 2018 Local Charity and Community Groups Sustainability Report found that 47% of local groups were confident they would survive more than five years while 49% were uncertain about how to find adequate funding for their core costs such as salaries, training and rent.
The Grow Your Tenner 2018 campaign was specifically designed to address these issues by helping local groups to access long term, unrestricted funding.
Olivia Ware, Director of Many Minds, a Bristol based mental health charity, explained:

“The Grow Your Tenner campaign was a great way for us to build longer term relationships with donors. We are a small, new charity that didn’t have regular donors and this really helped to motivate people to sign up. It has given us a solid base from which to grow a new funding stream.” 

Chris Dormer, Managing Director at Localgiving, said:


“The success of Grow Your Tenner 2018 has shown that there is immense potential for local groups to harness the support, financial and otherwise, of their communities. In just 12 hours, over 1,600 people set up monthly donations to local causes across the UK. We are particularly proud that Grow Your Tenner stimulated so many people to set up regular, monthly donations. This funding will ensure that many grassroots charitable organisations, from disability support groups to refugee integration projects, are able to continue and their vital work.”

Localgiving has recently announced that its next fundraising campaign, Local Hero, will be running throughout April 2019. This campaign will highlight the ideas and feats of individual fundraisers with a top prize of £1,000 going to the winner’s cause. During Local Hero 2018, 343 fundraisers raised over £109,000 for Localgiving members.
More information is available via Localgiving.org, emailing help@localgiving.org or calling 0300 111 2340.