Grow Your Tenner launch date announced

Melanie May | 23 September 2016 | News

This year’s Grow Your Tenner starts on 18th October.
Over the past five years, Grow Your Tenner has raised over £5 million for local charities and community groups across the UK. This year it will be matching regular monthly donations made to Localgiving members by up to £10 a month for the first three months.
According to Localgiving, last year 98% of Direct Debits set up through the campaign continued for the full match period of three months, while more than half continued after the match period, raising over £275,000 for Localgiving groups.
This year’s campaign starts at 10am on 18th October, and finishes at 5pm on 17th November 2016 or when the match fund runs out. The match fund is currently £100,000 with fundraising still ongoing. Monthly Direct Debit donations set up to a charity on Localgiving during the campaign will be matched up to £10 a month for three months. One-off donations will not be matched.
A charity may receive a maximum of £1,500 of match funding through Direct Debit donations matched for three months. Direct Debit donations to the charity will be matched until the limit is hit, the match fund has run out or the campaign has closed.