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London children’s charities invited to double donations in Summer Give 2018

London children’s charities invited to double donations in Summer Give 2018

The Big Give and The Childhood Trust are partner again this summer to enable donors to children’s charities in London to double their donations through matched giving. Eligible charities can now apply to take part.

Last year, the Summer Give raised over £778,000 for 36 charities and this year the campaign is expected to raise event more.

What is the Summer Give?

The Summer Give is an annual “double your donation” fundraising campaign run by the Big Give and The Childhood Trust. The Summer Give is focused on charities who help keep vulnerable and disadvantaged children safe, well fed and productively engaged during the school holidays.

Since 2013 the Childhood Trust has helped 87,658 children through partnerships with over 150 projects throughout London. 

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Laurence Guinness, Chief Executive of The Childhood Trust, said: “The Summer holidays are meant to be a time for children to relax, play and have fun with their families and friends. Sadly this isn’t the case for some children who have to endure hunger, loneliness, violence and exploitation during the holidays as they fend for themselves on the streets. The Summer Give provides opportunities for thousands of children to return to school with happy memories instead of relief that the summer is over.”

Is there a Winter Give?

Yes, it is called the Big Give Christmas Challenge, and has run since 2008, since when it has raised over £90 million for thousands of charity projects. It doesn’t have the same focus on London and children’s charities.

How does the Summer Give work?

  • Each charity has its own matching pot consisting of contributions from a charity’s own major supporters (Pledge funds) and The Childhood Trust (Champion funds).
  • Together, these match funds are used to double donations made to the charity via during the week of the campaign.
  • A charity’s Pledge funds will be used to double donations initially and when these have been exhausted, donations will be doubled by the Champion funds from The Childhood Trust.

Who should apply?

The Big Give and The Childhood Trust aims to support Summer holiday projects for children who live in poverty in London.

It is therefore inviting charities which provide such services to apply to benefit from this year’s campaign. This year The Childhood Trust has “more match funds available than ever” so all charities supporting disadvantaged children in London this summer are encouraged to apply.

Charities will need to have an annual income of over £25,000 and at least one set of filed accounts.

Find out more about The Summer Give from The Big Give. Either log in to your Big Give account if you have one or select ‘Apply to Summer Give 2018’.




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