More London charities to take part in The Childhood Trust’s Summer Give Campaign 2016

Howard Lake | 23 March 2016 | News

The Childhood Trust is to run its matched giving campaign The Summer Give again, designed to enable London charities to help alleviate the impact of child poverty during the summer holidays.
The Trust, which supports vulnerable children in London, will run The Summer Give campaign from midday on 16 May to midday on 18 May.
The matched funding is provided by the Childhood Trust itself and from pledges from some of the charities’ major donors.
Charities can now apply to take part in the The Summer Give, which is run using The Big Give‘s giving platform, by completing a short application form, uploading details of their project and securing commitments of pledges from their own major donors.
Those selected to take part by The Childhood Trust will be given advice and assistance to market the campaign to their own supporters.

Donations doubled

Initially donations will be matched by the charities’ own pledges. Once these are exhausted they will be matched by The Childhood Trust funds until the matching pot for the charity is exhausted.
For example, if a charity is seeking to raise a total of £20,000 towards its project and receives online donations of £10,000 in the Summer Give, these donations will be doubled by pledges (£5,000) and The Childhood Trust (£5,000).
The participating charities can therefore invite existing and new supporters to donate to help their work with London children during the summer holidays and to be confident that their donation will be doubled, provided it is made during the Summer Give campaign.

2015 result

Last year, 18 projects took part and raised a total of £527,000, benefiting 3,718 children.
Activities funded ranged from sand and water play for tots, through to facilitated work experience and interview skills training for older teens.

National Children’s Day 2016 #NCD2016

This year The Childhood Trust is adding more funding into the matching fund and expects around 25 charities to take part, with the potential to raise around £750,000.
In addition, the Summer Give is timed to coincide with National Children’s Day 2016, a partnership with the Save Childhood Movement, a campaigning organisation. As part of this The Childhood Trust expects many of its projects to arrange events for the public on Sunday 15 May which will raise awareness of the ‘double your donation’ opportunities over the following 48 hours.

Which charities are eligible?

UK charities which are eligible for match funding as part of the Summer Give include those which are supporting London’s poorest children during the school holidays. Their project must include the provision of suitable activities and healthy food. Charities must be aiming to raise between £4,000 and £60,000 for their project.
Lisa Gagliani, CEO of The Childhood Trust said:

“Each time we have partnered with The Big Give in the past we have seen the significant benefits the donations have had to London’s poorest children, so for this year’s event to be even bigger is a very exciting prospect. Match funding is one of the most productive ways to fundraise, and we hope it will benefit children across London, as well as raising the profile of The Childhood Trust and its work to alleviate the impact of poverty in the UK.”

The Childhood Trust was established in October 2013 and has now worked with over 150 charity partners across two online platforms to raise over £4.2m for projects that alleviate the impact of child poverty across every borough in London.

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