M&S asks people to take decisions that count on first Make it Matter Day

Melanie May | 16 May 2017 | News

M&S is asking people to be more thoughtful about the decisions they take this June, with its first Make it Matter Day.
Make it Matter Day takes place on 1st June and asks people to #Spenditwell, by turning off their autopilot and thinking more consciously about what they do that day. M&S is also asking that they share their achievements, which could include doing good deeds through the #Spenditwell hashtag.
The ad campaign includes suggestions for how to #Spenditwell including not buying clothes that cost the Earth, and not staying silent with a shot of people at a demonstration.
The event follows the release of a report by M&S that surveyed 3,000 people and found that 96% of the UK population is living on autopilot, saying yes to an average of four things a day that they should say no to, and making 15 decisions without really thinking about them.

Steve Rowe, CEO, M&S said:

“Our customer study has shown that living life on autopilot is a direct consequence of us being so hectic and means that we don’t always get the most out of life. However, for most people one small change a day can make a huge difference. That’s why we are calling on the nation to stop saying yes to things that don’t matter and start making more conscious decisions.”


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