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WaterAid campaign encourages fundraising through personality quiz

WaterAid campaign encourages fundraising through personality quiz

Brian Blessed, Sir Tony Robinson and David Morrissey are among the celebrities supporting WaterAid’s January fundraising campaign, which invites people to see what they are made of with an online personality quiz that also challenges participants to drink ‘Just Water’ to raise funds for the charity. 

According to WaterAid, the Chemistry of me quiz draws on the fact that people are all made of approximately 60% water along with our other characteristics, using the results of a multiple choice quiz to deliver the breakdown of the participant’s personality. In Brian Blessed’s case, this is 14% optimist, 11% machine, 14% adventurer, and 60% water, and in Sir Tony Robinson’s case: 16% geek, 11% pedant and 13% thrifty, as well as 60% water.

The quiz then directs participants to share their results on Facebook, and to click on ‘what next?’ which brings them to an invitation to take part in the Just Water campaign.




The campaign asks people to drink nothing but water for two or four weeks this month, and to donate the money they would have spent on other drinks to the charity, as well as to ask people to sponsor them to complete the challenge. The money will go towards providing more toilets and safe water for communities that need them.

A Raise-a-glass pass is also on offer for anyone who gives into temptation or needs a day or night off: a £15 donation, which is enough, WaterAid says, to provide one person with clean, safe water.

Brian Blessed said:

“I had to leave school at 14 because my father got injured in the mines and I had to support my family. I knew I was made of stronger stuff, that I could make things happen and change the course of my destiny and that is what is at the heart of WaterAid’s campaign. We can all be the difference in our own, and others, lives and together we can change history and bring clean water to people around the world.”

Made of the Same Stuff

Ellie Simmonds - photo: WaterAid/Brendan Foster

WaterAid Ambassador Ellie Simmonds supports ‘Made Of The Same Stuff’ campaign. Photo: WaterAid/Brendan Foster

Paralympic champion Ellie Simmonds, OBE, a WaterAid Ambassador, is also supporting the Made of the Same Stuff campaign.

She is featured in a film which shows her in training alongside clips of 13-year-old Shayilini on her journey to collect dirty water for her family from a pond near her village in Malawi.

The film shows that while Ellie and Shayilini live different lives, they are both ‘Made of the Same Stuff’ – strength, perseverance, and 60% water.

Simmonds has visited Uganda to see first-hand what life is like without access to clean water and good sanitation


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