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NPC publishes refugee and asylum charity funding guide

NPC publishes refugee and asylum charity funding guide

NPC has published a guide for donors interested in funding refugee and asylum charities, called Solutions for Sanctuary: An overview of the refugee and asylum charity sector in the UK.

The paper provides key contextual information about the scale of the refugee crisis, with profiles of some of the charities and funders operating in this area, and an overview of the different levels at which funders can work, along with key questions for potential funders to consider.

Contents also include a guide to the structure of the sector, information on existing funding, and on opportunities for funding, such as how to support individuals, communities and vulnerable groups, as well as Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs), supporting legal aid to help asylum seekers navigate the asylum process, and funding work on campaigning and shaping policy.

The guide is available to download from the NPC site at:

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