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Merged marketing industry charities offer grants to support best practice and new talent

Howard Lake | 16 May 2016 | News

The DM Trust, formed from the merger of the IDM Trust and DM Foundation, is now open for grant applications to promote best practice and support education within the marketing industry.
Formed from the merger of the IDM Trust and DM Foundation, the DM Trust’s mission is to create a sustainable future for the sector through by supporting the best new talent and promoting fairness to consumers across the industry.
The Trust will make grants to groups, individuals or organisations with initiatives that raise the standards of the industry, either through nurturing talent or promoting responsible marketing best practice.
Rosemary Smith, formerly the chair of the DM Foundation, is chair of the DM Trust. The initial board of trustees includes representatives from both merged charities in equal number.
She said:

“The future of the one-to-one marketing industry depends on both the talent coming in, and how consumers interact with what we do. The formation of the DM Trust has created a charity that has the experience to address both of these challenges to create a sustainable future for our industry. We welcome applications from anyone with an initiative that promotes and extends responsible marketing, whether by best practice or educating the next generation of marketing talent.”

Two grantmaking streams

The DM Trust distributes two distinct funds: the Derek Holder Legacy Fund and the Consumer Grants Fund.
It intends to distribute The Derek Holder Legacy Fund, totalling £500,000, over the next five years. It will support the IDM Summer School for a minimum of three years and will also provide bursaries to talented young practitioners seeking to enter or advance in the one-to-one marketing profession.
The Trust’s remaining funds, over £200,000, will be earmarked for grants to projects that help to increase consumer trust in the one-to-one marketing industry. The Trust will continue to support efforts to prevent any negative impact from marketing, especially on those who are disadvantaged, less able, or vulnerable.
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