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$6000 prize for the most blogged about charities

Howard Lake | 19 May 2009 | News

Online publisher service Zemanta, together with the Social Innovation Greenhouse at Weber Shandwick have launched the “Blog For A Cause” competition offering $6,000 to the most blogged about charities.

Zemanta is encouraging bloggers to dedicate a portion of their posts over the next few weeks to charitable causes close to their hearts. The company aims to inspire bloggers, regardless of the topics they normally write about, to give exposure to their favourite charities, to highlight the social power of the web.

Zemanta will split the prize money between the five charities that get the most bloggers to endorse or feature them over the course of the month ending 6 June 2009.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

To take part, bloggers have to cut and paste a shot element of HTML at the end of their post(s) about a charity, so that Zemanta can track entries to the competition.

Earlier this month Zemanta won second prize at the Change The Web Challenge, announced at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco, for its Related Social Actions for Bloggers project. The project provides bloggers with contextually relevant actions (i.e. volunteer, sign a petition, donate) to include in their posts from over 50 websites such as VolunteerMatch, Idealist.org, and DonorsChoose.org.

Zemanta will be donating their $3,000 prize money to charities chosen via the “Blogging For A Cause” challenge, while the Social Innovation Greenhouse at public relations agency Weber Shandwick will be matching that amount.

Ales Spetic, Zemanta’s CEO, said: “It doesn’t matter what you normally blog about, we want you to write at least one post this month about the cause or charity that matters the most to you.

“Encouraging more engagement and inspiring more conversations around civic actions is vital in this period of economic downturn, when charities need our help more than ever. With our Social Actions integration we wanted to make it really easy for bloggers everywhere to bring topical causes to their readers, as we know how effective blogging can be at spreading the word online about important issues.”