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Paying in a cheque with your mobile phone

Chase QuickDeposit

Mobile applications for fundraising fascinate me – and they aren’t all the obvious online transaction tools, significant that they are.
How about this for fundraisers who accept a cheque from a donor at an event or in a face to face situation? Use your iPhone and a free app to deposit the cheque instantly, simply by photographing/scanning the cheque, front and back. Now you don’t have to worry about losing the cheque on the way home.
The app has been created by US bank Chase and only works in the USA. Currently you can use it only to bank up to $1000 a day and with a maximum monthly deposit of $3000. Still, you can imagine that something like this will be available in the UK in the not too distant future.
While it’s clear that the mobile phone will take on the function of cash and credit/debit card in the years to come, it hadn’t crossed my mind that it could also handle money in other, more analogue forms.
Joel Johnson wrote about his experience of using the app in Today I Deposited a Check With My iPhone, and details of the app are at



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