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NSPCC tests legacy fundraising banner ads

Howard Lake | 28 May 2009 | News

The NSPCC has become one of the first charities to promote legacies to charities using online banner ads. The campaign, developed with agency Whitewater, has been designed to reflect both the change in the way people access information and make informed choices, and the barriers that stop people considering leaving a gift in their will.

The creative asks people to consider their own children first with an ambiguous question: ‘Are the children taken care of in your will?’.

Media used includes Facebook and Genes Reunited and will also be aired on and


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NSPCC legacy marketing manager Alex McDowell said: “This approach, while testing new ways in reaching potential legators, is in keeping with the NSPCC’s broader legacy marketing strategy of generating enquiries and increasing consideration rates, rather than getting people to pledge’ or take action before they feel ready or comfortable to do so.”