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Time for online fundraising to make a difference, says Kibble

Howard Lake | 24 October 2008 | News

The current financial meltdown could be an ideal opportunity for online fundraising to prove its worth, Kevin Kibble told delegates at the Blackbaud conference this week.
“In the face of economic uncertainty it is more important than ever that fundraisers maintain their momentum in retention and acquisition,” said Kibble, director of Whitewater. “Now is not the time to cut back investment in fundraising when demands on charitable services are rising at unprecedented rates. With Boards pressurising for economies, online fundraising offers low-cost options in acquisition and especially in retention.
In his presentation ‘Online donors – a different breed?’ Kibble said: “We have the tools to efficiently engage our donors, given them great feedback, and ensure we are talking to our donors in the way they want, when they want and where they want. We need our donors to know how much we value them and just what a great job we do with the money they give us.
“It will be evident in the coming months that those who grasp the gravity of the situation but use it to really step up efforts int eh areas we should be good at anyway, such as donor care, and use the most cost-effective methods of doing so, especially online, will be least adversely affected.”