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Whitewater launch new fundraising site for SolarAid

Howard Lake | 18 March 2008 | News

Direct Marketing and fundraising specialists, Whitewater, have launched a radical new fundraising website for an innovative new charity called SolarAid.
SolarAid is a new charity that has been set up to fight climate change and global poverty. It achieves this by bringing clean, renewable solar power to the poorest people in the world.
The website, designed and developed by Whitewater, puts donors and what they really want at the heart of the site.
The website enables donors to contribute to a specific project, and allows them to talk directly with the charity and people in the field. Through blogs and videos, they will be able to see exactly how their money is being spent and the difference they are making. This is a website that gives donors choice and control over their gifts, making them a real partner in the work, bringing them closer to SolarAid.
To see the great work SolarAid does, visit www.solar-aid.org
SolarAid Director Nick Sireau said: ‘SolarAid’s new website puts our donors directly in touch with our programmes, giving them unprecedented access to what is happening on the ground. Thanks to Whitewater’s ground-breaking approach to digital marketing, we hope to pioneer a new form of fundraising that will change the way charities relate to their donors and beneficiaries.’
Steve Andrews, Managing Director of Whitewater said: “Solaraid’s website has raised the bar for how to put the donor at the heart of the charity’s strategy; and how to put digital media at the heart of the fundraising strategy. We expect Solaraid to be one of the great charity success stories of the next decade.”
Editor’s notes
SolarAid – SolarAid is a new charity in the UK that is working towards bringing clean, renewable power to the poorest in the world. For more please contact: Nick Sireau on 0845 094 3728 Or visit the website at www.solar-aid.org
Whitewater is an award winning direct marketing and fundraising agency. Our clients include: NSPCC, MS Society, The Brooke, RSPCA, RNLI, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. For further information please contact:
Steve Andrews, Managing Director. Telephone: 020 7336 9700. Email: st***@wh********.biz