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Charities invited to register for 2024 UK Charity Digital Benchmarks Study

Melanie May | 27 October 2023 | News

a man and a woman study some figures in front of a laptop in an office. The laptop has post-it notes on the back and the office walls are white painted brick. By olia danilevich on Pexels

The 2024 UK Charity Digital Benchmarks Study from Rally and M+R is now open for registration.

The Study will review data points across email, website, mobile and social media for the 2023 calendar year, and look at where charities are spending their digital advertising budget.

Areas it will cover include: how much money is being raised by email, what percentage of digital advertising budget is being spent in various channels, how participants’ cost per email sign up or donation compares to the sector, and donation page conversion rates.


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Participating charities see their own performance as well as the wider context of how the rest of the sector is fairing.

As in previous years there will be a kick off webinar, dedicated Slack channels and other support to help charities pull together their data. 

Charities can sign up to the 2024 Study here. It costs £1,200 to participate and the timings are as follows: