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Five tweets for fundraisers in April 2023

Blueberries. Photo by Olga on Pexels.com.
Photo by Olga on Pexels.com

Here’s a selection of tweets picked from the staggering (not in a good sense) framework of Twitter that might educate, inspire or simply amuse fundraisers.

There’s an Easter fundraising tip, plus a few returns to common themes (overheads and retention), plus a reminder of a poll about the right to strike which… struck home.


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

1. Hot (chocolate) tip

For those who’d forgotten their basic schooldays’ science lessons, here’s a tip for fundraising at Easter.

2. Collecting box memories

The fundraising collecting tin or box lives on, despite our move away from using cash.

Marina Jones pays homage to them, with some explanations about how they work (look in the eyes!), and some pics of collecting boxes from her holidays and travels. (So, it’s not just me then…)

3. That overheads issue…

Being effective with your expenditure is a good thing, being overly frugal is not, unless you wish to join a race to the bottom.

4. Retention matters

We know that retaining supporters is key to fundraising success, given how much it costs to recruit a new donor. But it also applies to retaining fundraising staff, for a similar reason.

5. Strike – and you’re out

A return to this tweet from the end of last year. A key issue, but so badly framed, as you can judge by the string of negative responses that it generated.