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Catholics in Fundraising marks 15 years

Howard Lake | 14 June 2022 | News

Catholics in Fundraising group meeting in London in June 2022

The Catholics in Fundraising forum marked its first 15 years with an event in London. The in-person event focused on the rapidly changing global economic climate and its impact on charities’ ability to meet increasing need.

Speakers from Edentree investment addressed members of the forum, highlighting the effects of global events on ethical investments, the need to invest in rapidly changing data technology and recruitment and retention challenges.

For the past 15 years the Catholics in Fundraising forum has brought together Catholics working for Church and secular charities “to improve their professional work in service of the Church and society”.

Convenor John Green said “at an unprecedented time of change, supporting Catholic fundraisers with professional development is vital to ensure parishes, dioceses and Catholic charities can continue to support people under huge stresses at this time.”


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The evening was supported by Harris Hill, specialist charity recruitment agency.