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Monthly focus: funding and grantseeking

Howard Lake | 17 January 2022 | Features

Growth in bar chart. Photo: Pexels.com
Growth. Image: Photo by Monstera from Pexels

To start the year we’re focusing on how to fundraise from charitable trusts and other sources of funding for charities and social purpose organisations.

Welcome to UK Fundraising’s first monthly focus, and we’re starting with funding – applying for grants from funders who wish to support a particular cause or cause.

This focus is supported by AVIVA Community Fund who are currently accepting applications for their latest round of funding. This time there is a focus on supporting organisations engaged in climate action and on promoting financial wellbeing.


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AVIVA Community fund
Applications open to 1 February 2022

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Next month’s editorial focus is on fundraising CRMs. If your company or agency is interested in promoting its related service or product as part of our focus, do please contact Connor Seaton.