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Climate Change Officer named top green career in charity & public sector

Melanie May | 7 October 2021 | News

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Demand for Climate Change Officers and Environmental Health Managers has more than quadrupled in the charity and public services sector in the past five years.

Findings of a study carried out by sustainable etailer Bower Collective include:

Bower Collective has created a tool that evaluates the prospects of UK eco-careers in 11 sectors to help those contemplating a career in the environmental field. For its study, it analysed 44 environment-related job roles across multiple industries, factoring in average salary, market growth trends, demand and minimum education requirements, ranking the top most advertised environmental job roles across the 11 different sectors.


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Overall, the study found that listings for environmental jobs in the UK this year have increased by 91% when compared to five years ago (2016) and those entering the environmental field can expect to be earning at least 12% above the national average wage, with the average annual salary for environment-related jobs coming in at £35,267.

By considering market growth rate, current number of vacancies, average salary and ease of entry, the role of Climate Change Officer was found to be the best green career in the charity and public sector. The role ranks 6th on the overall green career list, and has the 4th highest growth market rate (429%).

Overall, the study found that the three highest scoring careers were: Sustainability Consultant, Renewable Energy Engineer and Arboriculturist.

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