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Five tweets for fundraisers – 27 September 2021

Blue bird with berry in its beak. Photo: Pixabay

Here’s another selection from the wonderful fundraising tips, ideas and resources that get shared on Twitter daily.

1. The cast of Jurassic Park as charity fundraisers

You might have spotted Matt Smith’s amusing series of Twitter threads that imagines TV and film characters as fundraisers. His latest creation looks at the cast of Jurassic Park.

2. Those who give…

A useful reminder that we don’t need to convince everyone to give, just those who do give.

3. It takes a village

Most small charities stay small. Sometimes one, through luck or in this case judgement, surges ahead.

4. Funding for funding applications?

Charities spend many hours applying for corporate partnerships. Yet it’s usually a winner-take-all result. John Thompson sagely asks if it could be different, with companies offering not insubstantial prizes to those that make the final shortlist.

5. Charity TV

How do TV programmes portray charity volunteers? There’s a research paper on that.