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Crowdfunder launches collaborative campaign supporting over 60 mental health charities

Melanie May | 17 March 2021 | News

Crowdfunder's #MentalHeathMatters campaign with

Over 60 mental health charities and organisations have joined a collaborative national campaign on Crowdfunder.

Crowdfunder launched #MentalHealthMatters to help mental health charities and organisations across the UK needing support increase public awareness of the growing mental health crisis, and raise funds to continue delivering their services.

So far, the campaign has attracted over 1,700 supporters and raised over £80k.


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The call for charities to participate was made last month.

Participating organisations include SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in Scotland, and Inspire in Northern Ireland, as well as 10 other national organisations and charities and more than 50 regional ones, including MindOut LGBTQ Mental Health Service, BAME Children’s Computer Fund, StrongMen, and Spark Connections

They cover a range of projects, supporting mental health through food, fitness, art and creativity, summer camps, children’s books, gardening, wellbeing centres, community groups, animals, counselling, music and digital resources and more.

The projects help children, young adults, men and women, the older generation, those with disabilities, people at risk from domestic violence or living with PTSD, the bereaved, the LGBTQ community, creatives and survivors of human trafficking.

Jo Anderson, Director of External Affairs at SAMH, commented:

“It’s clear that supporting the mental health and wellbeing of people across the nation has never been more important or more needed. It’s only with the generous donations of our supporters that we are able to continue to deliver crucial services in these most difficult times.”

Duncan Parker, Charity and Philanthropy Director, Crowdfunder UK, added:

“The dramatic rise in mental health issues across the nation as a result of the pandemic is deeply concerning. With that in mind, it is wonderful to see such a wide range of mental health organisations and charities coming together on Crowdfunder’s #MentalHealthMatters campaign to raise awareness and funds to help people who are suffering across the UK.”