Crowdfunder seeks charities to join collaborative #MentalHealthMatters campaign

Melanie May | 19 February 2021 | News is launching a collaborative #MentalHealthMatters campaign on 1 March, to help mental health charities and organisations across the UK increase public awareness of the growing mental health crisis caused by the pandemic.
The campaign also aims to raise funds to help mental health charities and organisation continue delivering their services.
Mental health charities or organisations that would benefit from being part of Crowdfunder’s national campaign can create a fundraising page on the site, and Crowdfunder is not charging a platform fee.
Crowdfunder has run a number of collaborative campaigns during the pandemic including one for foodbanks, which raised over £1m for 85+ projects, one for theatres, raising £1.5m for 80 theatres, and another raising £3.5m for venues.
With each collaborative campaign, central marketing materials are created and distributed to all the organisations involved. These can be edited with the individual charity page link and shared. Materials include a suggested social media posting plan, social tiles and press releases.
Crowdfunder’s Charity, Marketing and PR teams will also promote the campaign centrally with a paid social media campaign and the hashtag #MentalHealthMatters, a PR campaign and email outreach to their database.
Participants can also utilise the Crowdfunder reward feature which encourages incentivised giving from their supporter base, which it says results in an average donation of £50.
There is also an opportunity for charities to let supporters fundraise for them by activating Crowdfunder’s Multiplier feature. This enables fundraisers to sell any rewards that charities offer on their main page out to their crowd via their own personal fundraising page.
Alternatively, organisations can utilise an existing charity fundraising page that may already be created for them on the site. Funds raised via this route will go to the charity bank account from Charities Trust and they will process the Gift Aid at no charge. Charities just need to find their page, claim it to obtain dashboard access and ask for it to be added to the campaign.
Duncan Parker, Charity and Philanthropy Director, Crowdfunder UK, commented:

“The dramatic rise in mental health issues across the nation as a result of the pandemic is deeply concerning and that’s why we are launching our #MentalHealthMatters national campaign at the start of March. It’s vital we help mental health charities and organisation to obtain the funding they need to deliver their critical services. The public need them now more than ever.
“If you work in an organisation that would benefit from the additional awareness that our campaign will create, then please head to our campaign page and join us. The more organisations that join, the more impact we can have and the more media buzz we can create together.”

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