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Tips on getting started with a new CRM project – with Heather Black & Julia Whitehead

Howard Lake | 29 January 2021 | News

For those of you who are planning to work on a new CRM project in 2021, we asked two highly experienced CRM consultants to share their advice in just six short, essential tips.
Heather Black is Managing Director at Economic Change (and Salesforce recruitment agency Supermums) and Julia Whitehead is Head of Customer Success at Giveclarity. Both organisations are Salesforce consultancies and partners, but their advice applies to any new CRM project or product that a charity or social enterprise might be approaching.
Together they shared their combined experience of many charity and social enterprise clients and CRM projects, offering a concise but detailed guide for charities large and small.
Talking to UK Fundraising’s Howard Lake, they shared six tips on how charities can get started with a new CRM project. They took it in turns to share, with Julia starting and Heather concluding:
• Set clear goals
• Create a Project Team
• Choose a partner that understands fundraising
• The value of being Agile
• Involve end users in testing from day one
• Empower the team 





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