CRMs: the heart of fundraising

Howard Lake | 15 January 2021 | News

An effective CRM (customer relationship management) system is at the heart of all effective charity fundraising. Given our experiences of the past year the need to choose and use one that best fits your need has never been more important.
That is why we chose to focus on CRMs for the first month of this new year, and to focus on them for four whole weeks.
The ability to record, understand and interpret how donors and funders support your organisation, what interests them, and how to combine your and their passions are the key to all modern fundraising. The range of choice and functionality continues to expand, and the rapid switch to digital of 2020 has driven that too.
So here, in one place, is the content that we have produced or gathered to help you understand and explore the world of CRMs and some of the wider issues of using individuals’ data to sustain and grow your organisation’s income.
We are delighted that this month’s focus has been supported by headline sponsor We are including content about them throughout the four weeks.
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