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Five tweets for fundraisers on 29 January 2021

Howard Lake | 29 January 2021 | News

Here’s another selection of tweets for fundraisers as we reach the end of, for many, a January that felt particularly long due to COVID19 lockdown.
We’ve got a new source of funding for tiny charities, a reminder (from someone who gives a lot) about the joy of giving, a fantastic defence of how charities function effectively, and more.

1. New funding for the smallest charities 

If your charity has an income of less than £50,000 a year, there’s a new source of funding.


2. The benefits of giving

Giving makes you happy. In which case, given the scale of John Caudwell’s generosity, he must be walking on air. Given the scale of deaths from COVID19 and its impacts during January, he has reminded us of the positive impact of giving on those who give, no matter how much or little.


3. Charity saving expert

Financial journalist and presenter Martin Lewis has once again defended charities and called on the government to provide more financial support, and not just for charities dealing directly with the impact of COVID19.
The easy criticism of charities for paying staff (it’s always paying staff ‘too much’, and not ‘too little’) has continually to be countered, and Lewis does it powerfully and publicly. And as someone who is giving £10m he has a strong position from which to do so.


4. Learn about fundraising for free

The fantastic online course ‘A Guide to Fundraising’ is running once again for free. You can still register to take part in the three-week course from Dr Beth Breeze, her colleagues at the University of Kent, and other guest expert contributors.


5. Cometh the CharityHour

Tahera Mayat continues to produce valuable discussions each week on Twitter in CharityHour, covering all kinds of topics. Did you know that she also welcomes ideas for new topics?

And here’s a sixth bonus one, an opportunity to bring more lived experience into the grantmaking process: